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Hi, my name is Anthony Loaring, Tony to my family and friends, I'm a born and bred "Guern" who enjoys the wide variety of nature that we have on our Island. I suppose I have always enjoyed walking the fields and lanes of Guernsey and enjoying the wildlife, but it was not until as recent as 2009 that I started to really become seriously interested in discovering more about what I was seeing. In early 2009 the garden next door was being cleared out and consequently we "inherited" some field mice and along with the mice a fantastic bird of prey in the form of an adult male Kestrel, I began taking photo's with a point and shoot camera and found I got great satisfaction out of watching and photographing the kestrel and the other birds that frequented our tiny walled garden, for me the birding and photography went hand in hand and both have developed from there. I now have a great bunch of birding / photography mates with whom I and my wife meet up with in our free time to watch birds, take photographs and generally have fun. I have of course upgraded my kit over the years so if you find any dodgy shots it will be down to me I'm afraid.
I hope you enjoy my website and if you would like to contact me please do so using the Contacts page  via

E-mail at tonyloaring@suremail.gg. Thankyou.

 British Birds 2016 Photgrapher of the Year  - Recieving my Silver Salver from Simon King at Rutland Birdfair.

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